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For all tech lovers, here’s a short video that i have seen in youtube and i wanna share it and also to give you an idea of whats the best, the worst and highly recommended tablets. So please check it out and share me what your thoughts about this latest electronic gadgets!

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According to a recent report, Microsoft is working on a version of Microsoft Office for Apple’s iPad, in an attempt to take on Apple’s own Numbers, Pages and Keynote apps, and each app is expected to retail for around $10.

A focus on tablet content creation is something Microsoft and its partners seem to be slowly waking up to. CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed the company’s engineers were looking at how Office could be reworked in the Metro style of  Windows 8 during Build 2011 earlier in the year, while NVIDIA’s president argued that an Office build for ARM-based Windows 8 tablets and notebooks would be “the killer app” for the platform.

It would make sense for Microsoft to release office applications for the iPad, considering it is still the most popular tablet at the moment.

Nokia’s certainly made it tough to be a resident of the U.S. that’s dying to give one of their Windows Phones a spin, as the company has unveiled both the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 for release overseas but has been pretty quiet on any sort of launch info for us in the States. If a new rumor about a U.S.-bound Nokia Windows phone is true, though, the wait may just be worth it.

According to a source speaking to BGR, Nokia is prepping a flagship device named the Lumia 900 for a stateside launch early next year. The Lumia 900 is said to feature “the same basic identity as the Lumia 800” and will reportedly include a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, 1.4GHz processor and an 8-megapixel camera. The source added that the 900 may be running Windows Phone Tango, which is believed to be the version of Microsoft’s OS that’s part of the transition between Mango and Windows Phone Apollo.

According to a recent report from the BGR, the Nokia Lumia 900 will share many of the specifications of the recently launched Lumia 800, but this new device will feature a larger display.

The Nokia  Lumia 900 is expected to feature a 4.3 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, and a single core 1.4GHz processor plus an 8 megapixel camera, and it may come with the new version of Microsoft’s mobile OS, Windows Phone Tango, we could possibly see it at CES 2012 in January.

Its look like Nokia now are developing more versions and new phones in the market!

RIM has announced a new software update for their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and the udpate will bring a range of bug fixes to the device, as well as some new features which include Adobe Air 3.1 and Adobe Flash 11.

A new version of the BlackBerry® PlayBook OS is now available to all BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet users – BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.4985. This free update can be downloaded over-the-air from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

You can find out full details of what is new in the update over at RIM, and it is available as an over the air update.

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Preview of the Blackberry Playbook

How to get the best shots with 360 Panorama

The 360 Panorama app has been available for Apple’s iPhone for a while now, good news if you own an Android smartphone as 360 Panorama is now available for Android smartphones.

360 Panorama for Android will work with any Android device running Android 2.3 or above, and the app will help you take 360 degree panoramic photos with you handset, the video below shows how it works.

Download 360 Panorama App

Android Market Download

Today Facebook has rolled out their new Facebook Messenger desktop client to a limited number of test users. It has been designed specifically for Windows 7, and once officially launched to the masses will provide you with access to your ticker feed, notifications and allow you to chat your friends.

The new Facebook Messenger desktop client has been developed to enable Facebook users to remain logged in and up to date with events within their feed, without the need to keep a browser window continuously open.

If trials of the new Windows 7 Facebook Messenger client go well, Facebook is expected to rollout Messenger clients for other operating systems.

Facebook has already launched stand alone Messenger applications for Blackberry, Android and iOS devices. That provides users with the ability to chat to friends on the move, and Facebook is now looking to expand its chat services through its desktop client.

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Google has announced on the Google TV Blog, that a number of their Google TV applications have been updates, these include the YouTube and Photo apps, this comes just a few weeks after Google released a major software update for Google TV connected devices.

Google has also said that they plan to update many of their other apps for Google TV, and we will also see updates from many of the third party application developers who also develop apps for the platform.

The video above shows the new YouTube features for Google TV in action, and you can also find out more details on the changes to this, and the photo app over at the Google Blog.

It will be interesting to see how Google develops their Google TV platform, and we have heard that manufacturers like Samsung and LG intend to join the likes of Sony next year.

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