Iphone Camera Accessories

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Apple, Iphone

LiveAction Camera Grip

Experimenting with you iPhone camera is always fun, and if you’re photo enthusiast, you’ve probably seen Belkin Live Action Camera Grip.


Experience a better way to capture photos and video on your iPhone with the LiveAction Camera Grip. With a contoured, soft-touch design and external shutter button, it makes your iPhone or iPod Touch feel more like a digital camera. The integrated tripod mount allows you to attach your device to any standard tripod for more stabilized control. Separate buttons for photo and video let you easily switch from taking stills to recording live action. Simply attach it to the charge connector on your iPhone or iPod Touch and snap away.


Belkin has announced its LiveAction Camera accessories for iPhone and iPod, and what makes these accessories special is that they allows you to take pictures and record videos easier than before. According to the reports, two products are going to be released, the LiveAction Camera Grip that transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a digital camera, and a LiveAction Camera Remote that allows you to control camera shutter of iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly. The LiveAction Camera Grip attaches to the dock connector of your iOS device and thanks to the external shutter button, it allows you to take pictures with ease. In addition, there’s a video button, as well as tripod mount. LiveAction Camera Remote can activate iPhone/iPod Touch camera shutter wirelessly from up to 30 feet distance via Bluetooth, and it has dedicated photo and video button as well as detachable camera stand.

iPhone Lens Dial is a great iPhone accessory that will really enhance your photos, but such accessory comes with a price, and iPhone Lens Dial is currently priced at $249.

Source: Gadget Lite

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