Google+ To Enhance Photo Sharing With Upcoming Find My Face

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Google

Just came from an all-night party and can’t wait to see your own photos taken by your friends? Google+ tries to make it easier for you, with an application called Find My Face to be launched soon.

Once the new feature is ready for Google+ users, all one has to do is to enable the application to get quick access to photos that will be posted by your friends. Find My Face will be turned off by default, in what seems to be a move to avoid any complications with privacy issues.

A team engineer at Google+ said more options and features will be added to Find My Face to make it easier for friends and family to share their photos.

While Google+ may be fairly new, it has around 40 million users and counting. Features such as Find My Face are expected to lure in more people to try it out.

Google+ motive is very clear. They want to bring more and more interesting features and applications to their site which makes it irresistible for a non user to become Google+ user. With this Christmas, Google promise to bring some novel features for its users. Not only Google+ but even Gmail would soon be adorning a new look.

Apart from new look, Gmail would be adding some new features to its existing list which would take it a step ahead than other mail services. The main idea is to mingle Google’s search engine, Google+ and Gmail together to realize an unmatched recipe.

Source: Geeky Gadgets, Newstonight


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