Video: Facebook Stores 1,222 PDF Files On A Single User

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Facebook

See how Facebook send information to their users in just a click! Check it out!

We don’t give a lot of thought, these days, to liking a status update, adding a friend or sending a message. But if you’ve ever thought that you had a good idea of how much Facebook really knows about you, then this video is likely to blow your mind.

Have you ever wondered just how much information Facebook has stored about you and your online activities? Facebook user Max Schrems of Vienna was intrigued to know, and requested Facebook send him everything that the company stored about him. All Europeans have a right to do this, because Facebook is based in Dublin, Ireland.

After a few months of waiting Facebook responded and send Max a disc containing 1,222 PDF files, detailing his every move within Facebook. Watch the video after the jump to see just how much Facebook knows about its users.

The 1,222 PDF files included Max’s every move from relationships, to geotagged photos. So just be careful what you publish, because even deleted messages are kept on Facebook’s servers forever.

At any rate, the video is an eye opener, and should make us all a bit more aware of what we’re sharing out there. After all, as Sean Parker said about Facebook, “there’s good creepy and then there’s bad creepy.” And just remember, almost everything that you’ve done will be handed over to the police if Facebook gets a subpoena.

Source: Geeky Gadgets, TNW



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