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Facebook Rolls Out Timeline Apps

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Facebook
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New timeline apps are now available from Foodspotting, Foodily, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, Rotten Tomatoes, Pose, Kobo, Gogobot, TripAdvisor, and others.  You can now enhance your timeline with apps that help you tell your story, whether you love to cook, eat, travel, run, or review movies.

Apps bring your timeline to life

Once you’ve added an app, you can begin updating your timeline with your activities as they happen. For example, if you love design, shopping or fashion, you can add the Pinterest or Pose apps to make your favorite items part of your timeline.

The good thing about Facebook’s latest is you get to have specific apps for your timeline, and get to share it with your friends instantly. There’s also an option whom to share it with of course, which you can customise upon adding the app.

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Facebook Timeline is now available to all Facebook users. Learn more about the global Timeline rollout for web, as well as Timeline for mobile web and Android. To enable Timeline for your profile, visit]

The new Timeline has been designed to provide users of Facebook with an easier way to rediscover the things you shared with friends, and collate your most important moments. Facebook has enabled a graced period of 7 days for the new Timeline once you have upgraded. Which allows you to check your account and new Timeline before it is revealed to any of your Facebook friends.

If you want to see how your timeline appears to other people, click the gear menu at the top of your timeline, and select “View As.” You can then choose to see how your timeline appears to a specific friend or the public. Timeline allows you to then remove and add stories you might like to feature.

For more information on how to use the new features within Facebook’s Timeline, jump over to the Facebook blog post announcing its arrival. There is also a video you can watch which explains everything in more detail.

Here’s how to do it!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, presented on thursday “Timeline”, a new app that allows the user to show the history of his own life on his profile page. Facebook’s new face is completely different for it allows to show in only one page all the content that has been shared by the user since the moment he joined this web community.
If you think you´re ready to be part of the new Facebook’s design say farewell to your “Wall” and say hi to “Timeline”, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

1. Open your profile on facebook
2. Go to Facebook developers page

3. Click on “Allow”
4. Click on “Create new application”
5. Write down your name on the first blank and write a word of 7 characters on the second one.
6. Fill the security control blank
7. Click on “Open Graph”

8. Two spaces will appear. On the first one you should write a verb, on the second one, a noun. Then click “Get started”
9. Click on “Save changes and Next”
10. On the next window also click “Save changes and Next”
11. Then click “Save and Finish”
12. Now go back to your profle and reload the page.
13. Click on the page “Get it now” button that appears on the top of your profile page.

Done! You have the “timeline” on your Facebook page.

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See how Facebook send information to their users in just a click! Check it out!

We don’t give a lot of thought, these days, to liking a status update, adding a friend or sending a message. But if you’ve ever thought that you had a good idea of how much Facebook really knows about you, then this video is likely to blow your mind.

Have you ever wondered just how much information Facebook has stored about you and your online activities? Facebook user Max Schrems of Vienna was intrigued to know, and requested Facebook send him everything that the company stored about him. All Europeans have a right to do this, because Facebook is based in Dublin, Ireland.

After a few months of waiting Facebook responded and send Max a disc containing 1,222 PDF files, detailing his every move within Facebook. Watch the video after the jump to see just how much Facebook knows about its users.

The 1,222 PDF files included Max’s every move from relationships, to geotagged photos. So just be careful what you publish, because even deleted messages are kept on Facebook’s servers forever.

At any rate, the video is an eye opener, and should make us all a bit more aware of what we’re sharing out there. After all, as Sean Parker said about Facebook, “there’s good creepy and then there’s bad creepy.” And just remember, almost everything that you’ve done will be handed over to the police if Facebook gets a subpoena.

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After a few weeks delay Facebook has today finally started rolling out its new Facebook Timeline feature to its users. If you are registered as a developer you will have already been able to use the new Timeline feature. But is you haven’t the Timeline has been designed by Facebook to provide a “new way of expressing who you are,” says Facebook.

Enabling you to see all the important updates from your Facebook account in one place in a ore visual experience. Previously you would have needed to click on the ‘Older Posts’ link at the bottom of someone’s profile to find these.

The new Facebook Timeline also allows you to customize your view by hiding or displaying the areas you are more interested in. It will also allows you to now view your private Activity Log, that will let you view everything you shared since you opened your Facebook account.

Facebook Timeline


Today Facebook has rolled out their new Facebook Messenger desktop client to a limited number of test users. It has been designed specifically for Windows 7, and once officially launched to the masses will provide you with access to your ticker feed, notifications and allow you to chat your friends.

The new Facebook Messenger desktop client has been developed to enable Facebook users to remain logged in and up to date with events within their feed, without the need to keep a browser window continuously open.

If trials of the new Windows 7 Facebook Messenger client go well, Facebook is expected to rollout Messenger clients for other operating systems.

Facebook has already launched stand alone Messenger applications for Blackberry, Android and iOS devices. That provides users with the ability to chat to friends on the move, and Facebook is now looking to expand its chat services through its desktop client.

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