Apple Testing Three iPhone 5 Prototypes?

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Apple, Iphone
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New Rumors Emerging During MWC 2011 Suggest Apple Is Testing More Than One Next-gen iPhone Version, the Slide-Out QWERTY Is Definitely Surprising!

The latest iPhone 5 rumor is that Apple is currently testing three prototype models of the iPhone 5, and the rumor comes from a Taiwan based website which has in the past published information about new Apple devices that have been true.

According to the rumor one prototype iPhone 5 is identical to the existing iPhone 4, except for a larger battery and a more powerful camera, although this doesn’t tie in with the earlier rumor that we heard about the iPhone 5 featuring a larger display.

Amidst all the MWC 2011 talk a strange rumor has emerged saying that Apple is testing not just one but three iPhone 5 prototypes. Nothing wrong with that! In fact that’s what we expect from any smartphone maker, but what’s pretty strange about this rumor is that the words QWERTY slide-out keyboard have been mentioned.

The other reported prototype which sound interesting, is an iPhone 5 with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, this is something we heard last year and didn’t materialize, and something we don’t think Apple will produce.

If Apple are looking to make more version of the iPhone 5 we suspect they will launch two separate models, a new iPhone 5 to replace the iPhone 4s and an iPhone mini to go after budget Android devices.

Well, let’s see what will Apple will update about their latest phones! Will keep you posted…


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